Voting – Your Choices

This primary in Rockdale County is possibly one of the most important elections in a long time as there are a lot of candidates all with a different vision for our county.

As a Republican it is important to use who get elected to our county government and our Judicial and Educations systems.

We face a difficult choice.

If we want our voice to count and make a difference in our county, we have to accept that Rockdale County is now a predominantly Democrat County and the candiates that are running for office are running as Democrats whether they hold a conservative or liberal view point. As Republican we can play an extremely important role in the outcome.

If we draw a Democrat Ballot in the election we can have a voice in who gets elected into office in Rockdale County.

Deciding on a ballot.
If you draw a Democrat Ballot you have a voice in electing candidates for our county government, Judicial system and our school systems. It is very likely that in races where there are multiple candidates running for the same office, that no candidate will get a majority of the vote and there will be several run offs. If you draw a Democrat Ballot and there is a run off, then you have to draw a Democrat ballot for the run off and you get to decide which of the two candidates running for office would serve our county interests better.

General Election.
In the General Election all candidate running for office will be on the ballot whether they are Republican, Democrat or Non-Partisan. So in the General Election in November you get to vote for whoever you want and can vote a complete Republican ticket.


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