Voting – Absentee Ballot

There are three types of ballot that are designated as “Absentee Ballot.”

  1. Early Voting: If you vote early at Parker Road or any other location that is not in your precinct it is marked as an Absentee Ballot because you voted but were absent from your precinct. In order for your vote not to be classified as an Absentee Ballot you must vote at your precinct location on election day.
  2. Absentee Ballot: An Absentee Ballot is a ballot that you have to apply for and was intended to allow people who could not vote in person due to Age, Infirmity, Military Service or some other reason that prevented the person from voting in person. This definition has been slowly redefined to include any one who wants to cast an Absentee Ballot.
  3. Mail-In Ballot: While the application for a mail in ballot is different, a Mail-In ballot is essentially the same as an Absentee Ballot.

Please select from the Voter Information menu to see examples of the application for mail-in and absentee ballot applications as well as a list of candidates on the ballot for:

  1. Non-Partisan Ballot
  2. Democrat Ballot
  3. Republican Ballot
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