Trump’s First Term Achievements

Every Politician that runs for office makes all sorts of promises to the electorate. But these are mostly false promises that they do not fulfill and then blame the opposing party for blocking their promises, often even when their party is in power. We have always accepted that. We rail against them and gnash our teeth, but reelect them knowing they will not keep the promises they made.

Donald Trump was a different sort of candidate. He also made promises, but he intended to keep his and for the most part has.

In the office adjacent to the Oval Office where his personal staff work is a large whiteboard with all the promises he made. As each promise is achieved, a line is drawn through it. If a promise is partially achieved it is marked as “Partial”.

No other President has ever worked so hard to fulfill his promises.

No other President has achieved so much of what they promised.

He has done this in spite of unbelievable opposition from the Democrat Party that included a false Russia narrative, an impeachment, and the threat of a second impeachment. Despite a constant negative barrage from a media that no longer even pretends to be non-partisan or even truthful.

Yet, Donald Trump soldiers on, working tirelessly to fulfill what he promised.

Below is a partial list of what he has achieved in his first term. You will never see this in the media, unless it is portrayed in a negative light. If you doubt any of it, research it. So easy to do now. 

How President Trump has helped all Americans.

  1. Almost 4 million jobs created.
  2. Largest tax cut and tax reform in history.
  3. Opened ANWAR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines creating energy independence.
  4. Increased coal exports by 60%; U.S. oil production has reached all-time high
    Record number of regulations eliminated thereby saving $90 billion in regulatory costs.
  5. Obamacare individual mandate penalty removed.
  6. Right-To-Try legislation allowing people to try life-saving medications.
  7. VA Choice and Accountability Act, expanding VA telehealth, walk-in clinics, same-day care.
  8. Awarded over $400 million in grants to end veteran homelessness.
  9. Secured $700 billion for military funding.
  10. Space Force added as 6th branch of Armed Forces.
  11. Withdrew from Iran Deal.
  12. Withdrew from Paris Climate Accord.
  13. Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
  14. Normalizing diplomatic relations between Israel & United Arab Emirates
    Israel & Saudi Arabia to cooperate on operations against Iran.
  15. Defeated ISIS.
  16. Killed terrorists: Soleimani and Al-Baghdadi.
  17. Withdrawing troops from Afghanistan & Syria.
  18. Concluded U.S. – Medico – Canada Trade Deal to replace NAFTA.
  19. Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s intellectual property theft.
  20. Built over 300 miles of border wall to reduce illegal immigration.
  21. Operation Warp Speed created to accelerate the development of a coronavirus vaccine.
  22. Increasing American production for essential medical supplies and medicines.
  23. Invested nearly $1.5 billion in the development of public charter schools.
  24. Calling on Congress to pass School Choice.

How President Trump has helped African-Americans.

  1. Criminal Justice Reform, 1st Step Act.
  2. Lowest unemployment rate in history (prior to the pandemic).
  3. Creating a permanent budget line item for funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  4. Appointed General Charles Brown, Jr as 22nd Air Force Chief of Staff. He’s the first African-
    American in history to lead a branch of the U.S. military.
  5. Opportunity Education Scholarships minority students in depressed areas.
  6. Opportunity Zones for minority businesses in depressed areas.
  7. On July 22, 2020 the Trump administration announced that the U.S. Education Dept will grant at least $85 million over the next 5 years to low-income children living in Washington, DC to attend the private schools of their choice.

What Trump Has Not Achieved.

President Trump has failed to involve us in any New Wars and in not doing so has saved the lives of countless American Soldiers. In fact he is responsible for drawing down overseas troop levels, exposing fewer of our sons and daughters in the military to danger.

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