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We have 4 classes of membership

  1. Friend of The Party: There is no membership fee for this level, but as a member you get to participate in all party events and will get the Rockdale County Republican Newsletter. As a friend of the party you will not be able to hold office.
  2. Individual Member: As an Ordinary Member you get all the benefits of a Friend of the Party and you can hold an office in the Party. Annual Membership $25.00
  3. Family Membership: As a Family Membership it includes all members of the family that live at the same address. Each Family Member holds all the benefits of an ordinary member. Annual Membership Fee $35.00
  4. Corporate Membership: You get all of the benefits of an Ordinary Member plus your business will be advertised on this web site and  in the Republican Newsletter which has a circulation of 3000+ to residents of Rockdale County. Annual Membership $250.00

Simply Select the type of Membership you want, fill in the rest of the details and click Submit. Click the PayPal link below to make a secure payment. 

Membership Application