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President Trump Watch Party

Venue: Whistlepost Tavern
Where: Conyers
Date: June 18, 2019
Time: 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Join us to watch President Trump declare the start of his Election Campaign.

There will be a Full Buffet so that you don’t go hungry.

Join us and share the camaraderie and fellowship of what will be an exciting evening.

The Republican Party
As Republicans – even going back to our founding days of fighting for individuals’ rights – we are the Party of the people. It is not just about one person making a difference, or even one group of Republicans within the Party. We will advance Republican Party Platform issues, win elections and grow the Party, by focussing on PEOPLE WORKING TOGETHER. In order to accomplish this we need YOU to be involved, share your passion, share your message for our elected representatives, and be involved in small or large ways. YOU are a community champion who can help us promote limited government, reduce taxes, and hold our elected officials to YOU, the people they represent. Together, we can make a difference. We believe in building a more informed Rockdale County while engaging and energizing our community to participate and contribute in support of Republican values and candidates.

Trump to Declare Election 
Campaign Kickoff

On June 15, 2015, Donald J. Trump descended an escalator inside his signature Manhattan property,
Trump Tower, greeted the cheering supporters and announced an unlikely presidential candidacy.

A little more than four years later, on June 18, President Trump will officially begin his re-election campaign inside a 20,000-person arena in Orlando, Fla.,

“I will be announcing my Second Term Presidential Run with First Lady Melania, Vice President Mike Pence, and Second Lady Karen Pence on June 18th in Orlando, Florida.”

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