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Dear Fellow Rockdale Republicans


We had a great time this past week at our state convention in Augusta. Some delegates went over on Thursday and stayed until Sunday. Many of our delegates brought their families and did some sightseeing and various other activities. 


I personally enjoyed meeting and talking with my fellow county chairs, like Rose Wing of Cobb County. Rose and Dorthy Adams of Putnam County were always there for me after I became chairman. I could call on them any time I had a question. Dorothy was unable to attend the convention, due to her husband's illness. I will be forever indebted to these two wonderful women. 


Randy Evans was re-elected as National Committeeman and Ginger Howard was elected as National Committeewoman, replacing Linda Herren. Linda has been our National Committeewoman, since 2004. She served with class and we are proud to have had her representing us at the Republican National Committee. 


One of the most touching moments of the convention was when Maria Strollo Zack and Linda Umberger came on stage with Ginger and showed their unequivocal support for Ginger, even though they had lost the election to her. I feel this exemplary behavior is how we as Republicans should conduct ourselves on a local, state, and national level. 




Toby Dryer




You are cordially invited to visit one of our upcoming meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Amici's in Conyers located off of Parker Road.


If you have recently moved to Rockdale County, we welcome you.  If you are a registered Democrat or Unaffiliated voter and are looking for a party that shares your core values and principles, we invite you to take a look at what our party has to offer.  A good place to start would be the Our Principles.  


The Latest News section of this website is an area to keep you informed of local, state and national issues and events.  It is updated on a regular basis and is interactive with our viewers.  If you want to receive our Email newsletters and legislative alerts, be sure to go to the Subscribe section of the website.  We also have a Facebook presence if you utlize social networking.  There are many ways for you to become active in our local Party and make a difference in Rockdale County's future.  Please let us hear from you.

Please enjoy our site and if you want to join the party, let us know or join online. All are welcome and all are needed.  The upcoming 2016 local, state, and federal elections will be unlike any other:

- We have new leadership, we have new technology, and we have a great plan.

- We are not only harnessing our traditional grassroots efforts but we are now using the latest tools and technology in our efforts to grow our party and engage the electorate in support of our platform and our candidates.

- Our future is at stake. Our work through the Republican Party is one of the most visible and important ways to ensure our liberties are preserved and that our future will be one of opportunity and prosperity. This is our common goal.


Rockdale County is where I love to call home and I encourage you to get involved and see the true beauty of one of our biggest assets: the people.  There is good work being done all around us in our community and I intend to let our community know that the Party of the People, the Republican Party cares.  Several of our initiatives over the next year will allow you to get more engaged and learn about our special community.  


To win we need to be strong, work together, and refuse to get discouraged. We welcome all ideas on the many different ways that we can achieve our common goals.


I trust that you share my desire to win, and I have faith that you will do your best to help deliver

positive results for our party.




Toby Dryer


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The Rockdale Republican Party is one that believes in the principles of the party, supports the Republican platform, and is rooted in our Judeo-Christian foundation. Please join us on our journey to grow the party and get Republicans elected.

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