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Our forum then commenced with Pat Cavanaugh, Publisher of the Rockdale News as the moderator.  Our three panelists asking the questions were Jay Jones-Editor Rockdale Citizen, Michelle Kim Editor Rockdale News, and Mike Bryant-4th District GOP Treasurer.  Our four candidates were Cory Ruth, Victor Armendariz, Liz Carter, and Larry Gause.

The topics from which the questions were derived from were illegal immigration, the recently passed health care bill, 3 issues important in the 4th District, environment and green energy and others.  There was one question from Michelle Kim which was not an issue, but more of a question designed to elicit a response of district demographics , in regards to the ratio of Democrats to Republicans within the district.

While no one mentioned anything about Rockdale or Guam tipping over, the responses were for the most part either heartfelt beliefs and in some cases, were just talking points.    Surprising in the showings was Victor’s  strong 3rd place finish just behind Ruth since this was his 2nd appearance he had made.

Thanks to all 4 of our Republican candidates for participating in the first candidate’s forum at the Rockdale breakfast meeting this morning.  The answers given by the candidates go a long way in helping our Republican voters decide on who they will be voting for during the primary July 20th.

Click on the video to the RIGHT to see the forum in its entirety.

Liz Carter came out as the winner as reflected in our straw poll by rather a large margin.  The results are:

Straw Poll Results

Liz Carter                         55%

Cory Ruth                        23%

Victor Armendariz       20%

Larry Gause                      2%

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